September 2020

Sad News - Stan McLachlan

It is with great sadness to report the passing of our retired colleague Stan McLachlan who passed away on the 14th September 2020 aged 83. Stan was a truly fabulous and caring Ambulance Technician who will always be remembered for his gentlemanly qualities and coolness under pressure. Stan spent most of his career at Toxteth Station but some will remember him as the Ambulance Liaison Officer of Arrowe Park Hospital.staff Stan McLoughlin

Launching new website

We have recently updated our computer and hosting package which unfortunately needs us to rebuild the website. Not that we mind doing this but we are conscious that it will take us a short while so we have decided to launch it with the basics as we wanted make sure that our blog page is up and running. Please bear with us and we will soon have the website back up and running fully.

Ray and Glyn