January 2024

Proud Memories and for the radar of ex Cadets.

Some 7 years ago Richard Oswick posted the following on his facebook page. It was reposted yesterday as a memory and we are sharing it with you as it reminds us of two important things. Firstly, the importance of traditions and in this case what a great example of family tradition. Secondly it reminds us of the pride in which Richard served the Public of Liverpool, Merseyside and Cheshire.

"53 years ago today myself, Gerry Gibbons, and 8 others, began our careers as members of A Squad the first of The City of Liverpool Ambulance Services innovative 2 year training course . I followed in my fathers footsteps in the service as my younger son Michael followed in mine. Eldest son John Oswick, took a different path and drives those lovely two deckers in Sydney".

The post will remind ex Liverpool Ambulance Cadets that this year is the 60th Anniversary of the formation of the City of Liverpool Ambulance Cadets. Glyn Brown is organising a reunion probably in early October and is firming up details. Any ex cadet interested please reach out to Glyn via ambonutter@hotmail.com