North West Ambuance Service

NWAS is about people. The Trust is here to serve the community of the North West of England and provide care to those patients that need us by delivering the Right Care, at the Right Time and in the Right Place.
NWAS Vision Statement
As previously mentioned in this website it is not the intention to document in detail the history or current service provision of NWAS simply because it is current; and its modern and active communication teams are constantly focused on this. What we are keen to highlight is that modern communication and media technology allow for daily history to be captured far greater than before and we actively encourage the history of the literal yesterday to be preserved. The production and upkeep of this website has taught us how hard it is to capture fading memories from a pre-digital age and we should all learn by that.

NWAS was formed in July 2006 with the merger of the four ambulance services of Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Mersey Regional (Cheshire and Merseyside).

NWAS provides the pre-hospital care elements of the NHS for the 7 million populace of the North West of England. This care provision includes both Paramedical and Patient Transport Services associated with all types of traditional ambulance care and transport, as well as being the arm of the NHS, that will co-ordinate the primary NHS response and management of a Major Incident.

NWAS covers an area that extends from Whitehaven to Glossop on a longitudinal axis and from Carlisle to Crewe on a latitudinal axis and covers an area of 8,690 square kilometres.

NWAS receives over 1.1 million emergency calls each year and makes in excess of 1 million patient transport journeys each year (source NWAS website).

Its current Chief Officer (CEO) is Daren Mocharie and his key priorities are aimed at underpinning the NHS Culture of Care. These priorities are documented and summarised as:-

• Delivering Safe Care Closer to Home
• A Great Place to Work
• Cause no Harm

What is nice to note is that if you compare the current NWAS vision to what ambulance staff have strived to achieve with over a century of developing pre-hospital care is that the vision is pretty much the same and a great bunch of people work very hard on a daily basis to uphold it.