The Mersey Regional Ambulance Service was formed in 1991 with the merger of Mersey Metropolitan Ambulance Service and Cheshire Ambulance Service.

The leadership of the merger was under the direction of a new Chief Ambulance Officer Owen Disley. Owen had rejoined the Service from Durham Ambulance Service but his roots were firmly in Liverpool after starting his career as a City of Liverpool Cadet in 1966.

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Chief Ambulance Officer Owen Disley - MRAS 1991

One of the key changes of the merger was the centralisation of a new Control Centre at Elm House, Belmont Road, Liverpool 6. The new state of the art facility brought together the Control Rooms that were located at the Chester City Hospital and Lower Breck Road, Liverpool. Although common place nowadays ; in 1991 the regionalisation of Control Centres was groundbreaking and visionary strategy.

It is very easy to forget that the everyday processes associated with modern Control Centres such as caller line identity, automatic address recognition and mobile phone technology were simply not there. Computer Aided Dispatch Systems (CAD) were relatively new and in early development stages. Without doubt the key ingredient that made this merger happen were the dedicated ambulance staff, meticulous project planning and the belief in making things better for the public that we protect.

Peter Hanton led the teams that brought together the new Control Centre and coordinated the design and implementation of a new motorola centrecom radio system, adex telephone system and the first generation of the Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD) which was the MIS Emergency Systems product “Assist”.

The Mersey Regional Ambulance Service was in existence from its concept in 1991 until the merger of the new and current service of the North West Ambulance Service in July 2006. There were several people who held the position of its Chief Executive Officer namely; Owen Disley, David Todhunter, Paul Bradshaw, Janet Davies and Alan Murray.
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MRAS - New Samaritan Fleet Fazakerley Station