World in Action

TV Documentary

It is true that sometimes when you go forward it is good to look back as how things were and how much they have changed. In March 1975 a ground breaking World in Action Special termed “The Blood and Gore Shift” was aired on television.

Primarily focused on the casualty department of the Liverpool Southern Hospital, as it struggles on its budget to treat the wounded from increasing alcohol fuelled violence at the weekend.

The Southern Hospital was later demolished when the Royal Liverpool Hospital came on line in 1977 and the site become the home of a new Toxteth Station.

The programme gives a glimpse of some ambulance staff delivering patients to the casualty and appearances are made by Stan McGloughlin, Dougie Anwell, George Gould, Peter Whitaker, Kenny Doyle and Ronnie May .

The surroundings, facilities and uniforms may have changed but the theme of increasing demand and the dedication to duty is still with us.
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The young cadet in the video is Ronnie May,

Ronnie has just retired in 2015 after a long and distinguished service in which he has helped literally many tens of thousands thousands of patients and saved many lives.

This photo is the last moment of a great career when Ronnie literally hands over the RRV keys to Caroline Harvey after his last duty in 2015.

This is a truly magnificent photo that captures something about the proud and caring smile that all we need to bottle and pass to the next generation of ambulance staff to help them care for the patients that call upon us in their moment of need.

Thank you Ron.