I joined the Liverpool ambulance service in September 1972. This was after a difficult childhood in which my mum died young which led me to run away to sea at the age of 15. That did not work out and I came home; I was alone, frightened and depressed with no real prospects. When I was accepted as an ambulance cadet I quickly realised that I did not just have a job, I had a true purpose in life, goals to aim for and I felt I was part of a caring family
Steve Clarke
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The Chief Ambulance Officer Albert Guinney introduced the first ambulance cadet scheme in 1964, as a result of a challenge by local M.P. Bessie Braddock who asked him what he was doing to assist the school leavers of Liverpool.

What begin in 1964 was truly a visionary youth engagement programme.

The first squad of cadets (A) began in the January of 1964 and the last squad (the second B squad) passed out September 1993. Over this length of time the cadet scheme was embraced by three ambulance services; the City of Liverpool, Mersey Metropolitan Ambulance Service and Mersey Regional Ambulance Service.

Over three hundred young men and women have donned either the purple or green cadet epaulette and hat band. Some have gone on to be senior officers in ambulance services around the country and indeed world, some have stayed “on the road” being part of the ambulance crew but all were taught well to deliver care with pride.
  • A Squad 1964
    Roger Martin.
    J. Murphy.
    M. Evans.
    Richard Oswick.
    Gerry Gibbons.
    D. Beaumont.
  • B Squad 1964
    Jim Barkley.
    Russ Clayton.
    Keith Goodall.
    Terry Little.
    Tommy McCarthy.
    Tommy Nolan.
    Bobby Norcross.
    Bobby (Benny) Smith.
    John Traynor.
    Chick Woodcock.
    Don Willis.
  • C Squad 1965
    John Lanigan.
    Ronnie Laycock.
    Alan Schraeder.
    Les Riley.
    Bobby Farmer.
    Ronnie Brislen.
    Paul Gledhill.
    Ray Thomas.
    John Tierney
  • D Squad 1966
    Steve McBride.
    Alan Gregory.
    Don Page.
    G. Donald.
    Phil Scott.
    D. Fargher.
    R. Bettley.
    R. Rushton.
  • E Squad 1966
    Terry Kelly.
    Brian Peters.
    Steve McGaskill.
    T. Williams.
    Owen Disley.
    Mr. McDonald.
    Mr. Martin.
    B. Stabb
  • F Squad 1967
    Phil Jones.
    Greg McGaskill.
    Tom Collins.
    D. Gorton.
    C. Quinn.
    Mr. Morgan.
  • G Squad 1967
    Ian Fitton.
    Peter Hanton.
    Tony Cowley.
    Kenny Challoner.
    Ian Fleming.
    J. Hughes.
    Phil Smith.
    P. Neary.
    Evan Davies.
    Colin Roberts.
    Steve Davies.
    Graham McNamee.

  • H Squad 1968
    John Fleet.
    Alan Owens.
    Glyn Davies.
    (Some names are believed missing)
  • I Squad 1969
    Dave Temple.
    T. Clancy.
    Kenny Doyle.
    Steve Ellis.
    John Jones.
    Dave Kenyon.
    Tommy O’Hara.
    George Tune.

  • J Squad 1969
    Joe Scott.
    Rob Jameson.
    Robbie Link.
    Rob Poynton.
    Paul Turton.
    Jack Reppion
  • K Squad 1970
    John (Jake) Noon.
    John Hemphill.
    Dave Harris.
    Frank Wardale.
    Brendan Kelly.
    J. Gibbons.
    Harry Whitfield.
    Steve Hughes.
    Kevin Early.
    Pete Owens.
    Bobby Moore.

  • L Squad 1971
    Steve Potter.
    Steve Evans.
    Fred Robinson.
    Peter Kent.
    Peter Whitaker.
    Paul Poynton.
  • M Squad 1972
    Steve Clarke.
    George D’Arcy.
    Dave Sullivan.
    Billy Linacre.
    Peter Chapman.
    Gerry Wignall.
    Chris Gibbons.
    Chris Duff.
    Rob Fallon.
    Ian Mulqueeney.

  • N Squad 1973
    Ronnie May.
    Glyn Brown.
    Steve Noonan.
    Frank Lang.
    George Ingham.
    Roy Mathison.
    Larry O’Hara.

  • O Squad 1974
    Jeff Hughes.
    Brian Bannon.
    Paul Chapman.
    Alan Kennedy.
    Brian Jones.
    Nick Martin.
    Mr. Riley.
    Tony Edwards.
    Lol Sullivan.
    Geoff Tyrer.
  • P Squad 1975
    Ronnie Schofield.
    Graham Kidd.
    Paul Ambage.
    Paul Townley.
    Ken Morgan.
    Glen Thorpe.
    Eddie Devy.
    Paul Crosswood.
    Billy Mitchell.
    Elwyn Jones.

  • Q Squad 1975
    Dave Bruford.
    John Jennings.
    John Power.
    Phil Gerry.
    Mal Scott.
    Dave Hart.
    Ian Pevy.
    Phil Homan.
    Keith Arnold.
    Steve Marshall.
    Keith Knowles.
  • R Squad 1976
    Ian Fairclough.
    Mick Wardale.
    S. Bimpson.
    Alan Crearie.
    W. Gordon.
    Stuart Smith
  • S Squad 1977
    Peter Mulcahy.
    Dave Malloy.
    Steve Tague.
    Graham Kaye.
    Dave Barker.
    Phil Davies.
    Geoff Cooper.
    Mark Slocombe
    Phil Yarrel
    Keith Knowles
    Kenny Pruden
  • T Squad1978
    Dave Cliffe.
    Ian Carville.
    Nev White.
    Dave Lee.
    Geoff Mercer.
    Pete Mercer.
    Ian Wilkinson.
    Gary Ford.
    Frankie Chellew.
    Ray Lunt.
    Bob Davies.
  • U Squad 1980
    David Johnson.
    Bobby Graham.
    Mike Jackson.
    Cliff Adams.
    John Ormandy.
    Stuart Ryall.
    Alan Gadd.
    Colin Atherton.
    Ken Russell
    Andy Beasley.

  • V Squad 1982
    Joe Barrett.
    Pete McCarthy.
    Alan Davies.
    Timmy Hannah.
    Carl. McCabe.
    Alan. Hughes.
    Mark Knowles.
    Steve Rooney.
    Kieran Byrne.
    W. Croxton.

  • W Squad 1983
    Eddie Melia.
    Georg Engh.
    Colin Askew.
    Mike Quirk.
    Tony Chaffer.
    Chris Vaughan.
    Gary McKiver.
    Phil Brown.
    Ian Smith.
    Tony O’Brien
  • X Squad 1985
    Cliff Ray.
    Dave Keegan.
    Mike Enwright.
    Dave Preston.
    Ciaran Doyle.
    Ian Lynch.
    A. Morgan.
    R. Hussey.
    S. Lamb.
    Dave Farmer.
  • Y Squad 1985
    Dave Seel.
    Ian Eckley.
    Mick Houghton.
    Alan Gibbons.
    Alan Woodward.
    Malcolm Saunders.
    Steve Murphy.
    Paul Shuttleworth.
    Dave Lewis.
  • Z Squad 1987
    Andy Woods.
    Paul Lemmens.
    Gavin Bryce.
    Shaun Parry.
    Martin Hepke.
    Ian Moses.
    Yvonne Goulding.
    Sharon Eagleton.
    Paul Rigby.
    Mark Dutton.
  • A Squad 1989
    Claire Glover.
    Joanne Smith.
    Denise Dixon.
    Belinda Jones.
    Jason Sefton.
    Darren Dempsey.
    Andrew Davies.
    Karl Hough.
  • B Squad 1991
    Colin Whiley.
    Jan Barnes.
    Mark Cranny.
    Simon Churchill.
    Melanie Anderson.
    Nikki Webb.
    Alex Tee.
    Dave Buckley.
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Cadet of the Year

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1966 – Keith Goodall
1967 – Phil Scott
1968 – Phil Jones
1969 – All of G squad
1970 – Dave Kenyon
1971 – Jack Reppion
1972 – Bob Jameson
1975 – Alan Kennedy
1976 – John Jennings
1979 – Ray Lunt
1981 – Stuart Ryall
1983 – Kieran Byrne
1985 – Eddie Melia
1988 – Martin Hepke
1989 – Gavin Bryce
1990 – Belinda Jones
1993 – Colin Whiley